Ciderplex Consulting


If you are the proprietor/sommelier of a restaurant, bar, and/or hotel and want to design a world-class cider list, consider sitting down with one of the world’s leading cider experts, CiderPlex.

Through a Cider Consultation from CiderPlex, we’ll match our encyclopedic knowledge of cider to your needs and wants. Looking for a New York-centric list? We’ll make sure you’re supplied with the best in the state, from Long Island to the Finger Lakes. Want something more international? We’ll have bottles of cider from around the world flying at your head (metaphorically) so fast you’ll think you’re in some Jackie Chan movie.

We are the cutting edge of cider, on the forefront of every development, trend, and sub-genre in the cider world. You want shandys? Snakebites? Applejack cocktails? Cider cocktails? Consider it done. Our deep contacts in the cider industry mean you will be at the front of the line for the most sought-after ciders in the world.

We offer friendly service, flexible rates, and can guarantee satisfaction for you and your customers. Contact CiderPlex to set up your consultation today!

CiderPlex AT g m a i l DOT com


We knew we wanted to have a sidra program at our hotel bar/restuarant in Barcelona, but were completley overwhelmed! CiderPlex came for 3 weeks, working with our sommelier Mathias to curate a cider list that featured some of the best ciders in Spain, while also offering some French and American ciders as well, for balance.

We also had CiderPlex work with our head bartender, Jorge, to come up with a series of cider cocktails. We can honestly say working with CiderPlex was one of the most rewarding experiences of our career. There were nightly staff tastings, Q&A sessions, even a visit to a local cidery that proved very informative. After a CiderPlex consultation, our hotel was abuzz with and has become something of a destination for cider-lovers in Spain and abroad! Thanks again!

-Javier Banderas De Luna
Manager, Hotel Castell, Barcelona Spain

*NOTE: This testimonial is 100% fake, but just imagine if it were real! You could be this (hypothetically) satisfied with a CiderPlex cider consultation!



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