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Cider Tunes: People! – “Apple Cider”

Here’s a totally groovy tune from People! (featuring proto Christian rocker Larry Norman on vocals), “Apple Cider.” It’s off their 1968 album “I Love You.”

Dig those crazy organ whirls and the false ending at 2:15.


The lyrics tell the tale of a girl who “lives on apple cider.” On a hot summer’s day, said girl can be found “sitting in the shade with that cool apple cider/Oh you’ve got it made with that cooooool apple cider

The song is a *little* suggestive, maybe this was before Larry Norman went full-on religous? He even rhymes “apple cider” with “get inside her” (ugh). (UPDATE 2/16/2016: According to Eagle-eared commenter Gary Williams, he’s NOT saying “get insde her” but “get some cider.” We regret the error, but there’s no lyrics online!) I *almost* get the impression he’s using “apple cider” as a euphemism for something drug or sex related (gasp!), but it’s got to be the only instance of that in the history of music.

Finally, Larry Norman looks like David St Hubbins from “This is Spinal Tap.”


That’s a good movie.


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