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Quick Hits: Citizen Cider Unified Press


(Image via CitizenCider.com)

Gonna try to actually make this one actually quick.

Tried Citizen Cider after passing it over at the store several times. I’ve been a big advocate cider in cans, but my tune has changed lately. Been more into the bottled stuff.

Citizen Cider Unifed Press is from Vermont*, home of some great ciders. The Unified Press poured very pale yellow with a little foam. Nice apple-y aroma. It was a very light, sweet, easy-drinking cider. It’s 6.8% ABV and I really felt it (wasn’t a great idea to have a tall boy at lunch, kinda made the rest of my day unrpoductive, but I can’t fault the cider for that one). There was some dryness, but not much. The label says it comes from a blend of 10 apples.

Overall, I’m happy with this stuff. Good simple “pounding” cider you don’t really have to savor. (UPDATE: I have to take some points off because written on the can is the excruciating cider pun “Get Excidered.” *Groan*)


*Speaking of Vermont…


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