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Quick Hits: Longueville House Cider


We picked this bottle of Longueville House Cider up from a reliable source of good cider, Acme Wines & Spirits.

Longueville House Cider is 100% Natural, handmade medium dry Irish Cider from our orchards in the Blackwater Valley, County Cork.

I read that the cider is made from Dabinett and Michelin apples. I’ve been reading up a bit on apple varities lately. Interesting stuff. Just picked up some Jonagolds from the farmer’s market.

About the Dabinett (from Wikipedia):

Classed as a “bittersweet” cider apple, Dabinett has small, yellow-green fruit flecked with red, usually harvested in November in theUnited Kingdom.

The fruit is of sufficient quality to make a single varietal cider, and a number of commercial cider manufacturers produce ciders made solely or primarily with Dabinett apples, including The Tricky Cider Co, Thatchers and Sheppy’s.

I’ve heard of Thatchers, but haven’t had the chance to try it yet. Another one to add to the list.

As for the Michelin, Claude Jolicoeur says:

In England the Michelin is not considered a variety of high quality but useful for its regular and heavy cropping.

We found the Longueville House to be delightful. Nice golden color, a little fizzy, tart, earthy and delicious.


We also picked up a bottle of Slyboro Black Currant Cider from Acme, but we haven’t cracked that one open yet…


One thought on “Quick Hits: Longueville House Cider

  1. Great review! I’ve been wanting to try some Irish cider and although I don’t have too many to choose from in my area (Seattle WA), I haven’t been able to find much info to point me in the right direction as far as which I may like. So, thanks for sharing! I’m usually not a fan of tart ciders.

    I saw a review on the Slyboro Black Currant at Along Came a Cider, and it sounds tasty. There is a cidery near me (Finnriver) which makes black currant cider and I really enjoyed it!

    I’ve had the Green Goblin from Thatcher’s (a good but not great cider in my opinion) and have a bottle of Sheppy’s Oak Matured to try when I get a chance. Too much cider and too little time!

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