Bad Cider

Oh, Dry Blackthorn is NOT Cider, Either

I’m too tired to get worked up about this, just read this from Wikipedia:



But when you think about, what really is cider? Can anyone truly put a…wait, what am I saying? Cider is made from apples, it’s not that hard, people! Jeezus.

I will confess, I was also unaware about this – not that I encounter Blackthorn that often, but I’ve only had it on draught at the pub and just took it at its word that it was, in fact, cider.

Apparently, a few years ago Blackthorn changed their recipe ala Strongbow. There was an outcry, an OUTCRY I TELL YOU!

Gerry McLoughlin, who serves up to 500 pints of Blackthorn each week at theMiners Arms in Bedminster Down, said his customers “had the hump” with the [new recipet]. Many of his regulars felt the drink had lost its wondrous dryness and was now little more than an “alcopop”.

“The company reckon they did a survey of hundreds of people before changing the recipe, but that must have been done in London, where they are not true cider drinkers and want a sweeter taste,” said the landlord.

“Blackthorn is a man’s drink, without being chauvinist, but my customers say it has lost bite and is too sweet. Blackthorn drinkers will only drink Blackthorn and so they are not happy about this.”

Thankfully, “after a successful campaign by cider drinkers,” they restored the original recipe, in Bristol at least. Hooray. They got a better deal than original Strongbow fans.


Let’s also address the fact that they sell Blackthorn in 2 liter plastic bottles!  I know in the past CiderPlex has taken up the issue of proper drinking vessels for cider, so let us be clear: we don’t like these. Not one bit. Can’t quite explain it, but it’s like serving beer in a 2 liter. Sure, it would work, but there’s just something wrong about it (you ever drink a beer out of a plastic bottle at a sports stadium? The worst). And they’re not the only brand that does this!





One thought on “Oh, Dry Blackthorn is NOT Cider, Either

  1. Great post! What a coincidence, as I just tried this cider today. I was at a place with two cider selections and one was ginger, which I definitely don’t like, so I thought I’d give Blackthorn a try. I thought it was pretty decent, better than Angry Orchard & Strongbow in my eyes at least. The most similar cider I’ve had that I like better is Crispin Browns Lane.

    I agree that cider is anything made from fermented apple juice. Blackthorn is much more of a cider than Rekorderlig and Kopparberg are, that is for sure.

    However, I see how craft cidermakers want to distinguish their product from those with apple juice concentrate, added sugar, etc (the “real cider” movement).

    There is actually a PNW craft cidery that is selling a couple ciders in plastic 2 liters, Cider Riot. I think its an interesting strategy as most craft cideries are even trying to move away from using 6 packs, only using large bottles or 4 packs.

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