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I Made That Hard Cider Sorbet

I really wanted to try that hard cider sorbet so I got proactive and made a batch.

We had it as dessert for a Sunday night feast featuring brick chicken (using the Marlow and Sons recipe).


(Image via Grub Street)

The original sorbet recipe from Elle’s New England Kitchen called for Woodchuck cider. That’s not my preferred brand, but I thought Doc’s would work well. It’s got that vinegary kick to it and isn’t overly sweet.


You can make sorbet without an ice cream maker, but I went all out and dusted off the Cuisinart. It’s much easier to make sorbet than actual ice cream; just add sugar and lemon juice to the cider, run it through the ice cream maker, and then put the mix in the freezer for a few hours to “ripen.”

I used those spherical ice molds to get perfectly round scoops:


Here’s the beauty shot:


It was good, it had that Doc’s flavor to it but I probably could have added a bit more sugar to the mix. Elle’s New England Kitchen did mention that the sweetness mellows a bit when you freeze it. I don’t like cider to be too sweet, but for this I found myself wanting more sugar.  I think there’s some potential with this recipe. Maybe some kind of frozen cocktail or as part of a more elaborate dessert. I’ve got some extra sorbet leftover in my freezer, so I might experiment.


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